Lover of grumpy monsters, quirky dragons, magic and mad things, gardens that whisper and houses that breathe. The coffee helps. The anxiety doesn’t. Has one arm. Fairly certain has some Benjamin Button type disease where you get younger as you grow older. Would love a hut on a cliff with a sea garden, and a pet whale. Will settle for a cup of coffee, a slice of cake and something good to read.


I grew up in South Africa,where I became a journalist for ten years, I packed that in to make things up for a living instead, which altogether was a much better way to spend my time, partly because I didn’t need to get out of my pyjamas.

I’ve always wanted to be an author. Well, since the age of nine, when I discovered that books were written by real people. This was rather late in life to realise this. But when I did, I realised it in a big way, by deciding this is what I’d like to do. Maybe someone, somewhere, had told me the deal about the pyjamas, I’m not sure. So, in the back of mind, this was always the plan. Which was sort of funny because I wasn’t actually the world’s best writer to begin with. I wasn’t terrible, but I wasn’t that kid in the class that the teacher makes a big fuss about … you know, that one? Well, this bugged me. A lot. Now, it turns out this wasn’t a bad thing, because it showed me what I did want. Anyway, I was stubborn, and I kept trying, and in high-school I was finally that kid, well just a bit. I got some poems and things in the school magazine but to me it was like winning the Nobel Prize, mainly because I had been praise-deprived till then. I mentioned stubborn, right?  I went to university, I studied English. I got my honours, and then I became a journalist and to escape the news room I wrote silly stories. One of those ended up being Starfell, which was published in 2019.