What procrastination looks like

It looks like this. This new blog. Which rose like a turkey out of the ashes of the old turkey which was the old blog. Which was mostly, looking back, an epic waste of space. With a fair bit of moaning. So yes. Voila, full of new gobbledegook (see what I did there har har… yes, it would be good for me to have more than the dog to run these things past some days, anyway…)

I am meant to be writing and editing some other things that have crazy, scary deadlines, but instead I decided that a website was important for some reason that my mind convinced me wasn’t about procrastination but SO WAS. So here it is. The blog.

Anyway. I hope to actually make this thing look a bit more like a website in time. I did have a bit of fun designing the front page and all the graphics, I can just imagine my cover designer crying in mortification … but oh well. I did add an events page which was like some proper grown-upping for the day. Still, I suppose I’d actually better get back to that deadline. Did I mention it’s this Monday. So I better get back to that. You know, after I go tackle the garden. But after that, it’s gonna get serious up in here.


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